We partner with the amazing team at Rocco Espresso
They ensure our machines are serviced and maintained to the highest of standards.
Rocco are a Glasgow based company who support many local businesses.
Our Beans - Toscana
A unique blend of carefully selected coffees. This coffee is slow roasted and blended to produce an authentic Espresso. The full flavour of this coffee is not lost when used in all milk-based drinks.
Sweet flavoured with an acidity that is somewhat tart or sparkling with a wonderful aroma.
Roasted weekly in Dundee, sealed in nitrogen packed, biodegradable bags to keep the air out and the maximum freshness of the beans while protecting the environment at the same time.
This also means the flavours we expect you to taste are as full and as strong as the should be. The Premium Toscana blend is sensational. Strong. Smooth. Rich, but not overpowering or OVERROASTED
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